What IS the Roland Park Art Walk?

This Art Walk is not a fancy gallery crawl. This is an informal, outdoors neighborhood event, where we can share our creative projects with each other on our front porches and lawns. We want to know what you and your kids have been making during the last several months of COVID. Did your preschooler make an amazing watercolor self-portrait? Did you try your hand at hot-gluing your collection of acorns together into an amorphous glump that you actually thought turned out kind of cool? Did you dig learn how to needlepoint? Show us, Roland Park! We want to see it! We hope that everyone will have something to put on display for the rest of us to see on November 7th.

Who is organizing the Roland Park Art Walk?

A Roland Park resident (Sara Meadows Shawe) and a Roland Park business owner (Genie Arnot, owner of Social Studio).

Who is invited to show their art at the Art Walk?

YOU and your families are! This event is open to anyone of any age in Roland Park who has been doing any kind of art they would like to share with neighbors. Young, old, professional artist, preschooler — share your creativity with your neighborhood! We want to see what you’ve made! If you’d like to participate, send your name, email address, and the street address where you’ll be showing your art to: rolandparkartwalk@gmail.com.

How are you defining “art”?

Our definition of “art” is VERY broad. The point isn’t perfection. It’s about letting your neighbors see you through your creations! As we see it, “art” for this Art Walk is anything you’ve created, sewn, re-purposed, baked, built, painted, sculpted, etc. over the last several months of isolation. Homemade birdhouses. Picturesque bread loaves. Oil paintings. Toilet paper roll sculptures. We want to see it all on your front porch, your front yard, your driveway, and so on!

Where and how should I display my art?

First, the where. OUTSIDE. Anywhere that is visible to the walker-by. In your yard, your driveway, your front hedge row. On your front steps, your garage door, your alley parking spot. It just needs to be outside.

Second, the how. Now here’s a chance to get really creative! Clip it to a clothesline. Prop it on a folding chair. Hang it from a tree branch. Suspend it from your 2nd floor bedroom window. Nail it to your garage door. Prop it against your front steps. Displayed on a blanket on the grass. Or, politely placed on an artist’s easel, just so, right in front of the sidewalk.

What if it rains on November 7th?

The rain date is November 14th.

What if I have more questions?

Please email us your questions at rolandparkartwalk@gmail.com. Be patient, please, if it takes us a day or two to get back to you.